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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


No interesting pictures yesterday or today, but just want to update things.

The two ducklings are no more. Not surprised, though I had been hopeful.

My eye doctor and dentist appointments in Odessa today went well. My vision is as good as it's going to get, but I can live with it (with reading glasses). Dental implants are fine and healthy.

We got half an inch of rain at the oasis today.* It may cause the internal baffles on the hummingbird feeders to overflow and attract bees, but I can't justify going down there just for that. Bees usually swarm one or two feeders and leave the others alone. Since I put up extra feeders, it should be fine until I get back down there in a day or two. I'm busy in town drying apricots. Peaches are almost ready. We're going to cover the tree tomorrow with bird netting.

The apples are green but I like eating green apples. Don't want to dry them green though, so I'll wait a couple of weeks on them. The birds will get a bunch, but it's not practical to cover the tree. It's way too tall.

* The rain at the oasis today was a long slow drizzle so nothing ran into the tanks, but at least the ground got a good watering. Hopefully, now that it's summer, the monsoons will begin.

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