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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Harvesting time

Spent the whole entire day working on fruit. Got up early and helped cover our peach tree with netting since the birds are starting to peck the peaches even though they're not ripe enough to pick.

Then we went to a friend's house and picked about a third of the apricots on one of their trees. That's all that was ripe, thankfully. Then back at the house I was just starting to put apricots in the dryer when a neighbor brought us a bucket of the most wonderful huge plums.

Hubby panicked and went and bought another dryer, so I had more trays to load. Didn't finish until around 4 PM. I now have 4 dryers that work great plus one that doesn't work so great.

No time for play but we'll enjoy snacking on the dried organic fruit for many months to come. In the old days I remember spending all summer preserving food. When the oasis was my garden and not a wildlife habitat I canned over 100 quarts of tomatoes from it one year. Never going to do that again.

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