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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life's little challenges

Got to CMO this AM and had a flat tire. I think the tires on my new pickup aren't enough ply. Meanwhile, it holds air for a couple of hours so I'm going to go with that rather than attempting to change it without my 4-way lug wrench, which is in Alpine. So I have to be real mindful of the tire until I get back to town.

June 12, 2014 I blogged about trying to figure out if my Mormon Metalmark Complex butterfly is a duryi or mejicanus, or what. Today I saw this metalmark, which re-ignited my challenge. This one looks more like the Sonoran Metalmark (A. mexicanus) of Kaufman's guide. Here's today's individual.

And the page from Kaufman's guide...

A very challenging complex, even as complexes go. To Brian, they're duryi, end of story. The two options are mejicanus (which used to be the name of the Fatal Metalmark) and duryi. Duryi it is.*

Today's ugly fledgling award goes to this Blue Grosbeak.

And the beautiful flower award goes to the anisacanthus.

Gotta give the beargrass honorable mention, even though I searched through all I could find for butterflies and couldn't find any. I would have loved a lifer Sandia Hairstreak, but hasn't happened yet.

* Brian explained to me why it's duryi. The whole mormon metalmark complex is real variable, so I can't go by appearance. All mine are duryi because of their host plant here (krameria). Good to know. Thanks, Brian.

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