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Friday, June 5, 2015

More pain than gain

I went all over BBNP today but couldn't find any lifer butterfly or ode species. I started out by taking the Old Maverick Road to Santa Elena Canyon. It had some really rough patches on it.

Didn't find much there. The trail that goes back into the canyon was washed out. I decided not to wade through it since it doesn't go very far back into the canyon and I wasn't finding any good odes anyway.

Went by Cottonwood Campground to see if it's just closed to camping, or to vehicles too. It's closed to camping and vehicles.

Going up into the Basin there was stuff blooming here and there, although not profusely.

Definitely more bugs-that-fly than butterflies, to my disappointment.

Back at CMO the beebrush is blooming, making the air very aromatic. Here's a male Western Giant Swallowtail* enjoying Vitex blooms.

I don't know if I'll get many apricots this year. The Rock Squirrels are feasting on them faster than they ripen. Look at the mess they're making on the ground. It's littered with partially eaten fruits everywhere under the tree. Disgusting!

The Western Soapberry thicket in the arroyo is looking really good.


* Recently separated into two species; Western and Eastern.

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