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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Triple A day

Sounds more exciting than it is. Alpine (not exciting at all), Apricots (lots of work), and Amberwings ( exciting enough to make up for the other two). Various people around town let their apricots go to waste so we ask if we can have them and usually end up with what is still salvageable. I have the ripest half of these in our four dryers and tomorrow will dry the rest.

By the time I finished with the picking and drying I didn't have energy to check the ponds for odes and butterflies, but did it anyway. Glad I did. Found two Eastern Amberwings, the first I've seen in Alpine. I've been watching for them at CMO but hadn't seen any yet this year. Maybe when I get back down there there'll be some.

Unbeknownst to me, I accidentally got a damselfly in one of the shots of the above amberwings. I presume it's a Familiar Bluet.

That, of itself, isn't that unusual, but it is unusual for both to be in focus. (Keep in mind that my definition of "in focus" might vary from yours.)

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