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Friday, June 12, 2015

CMO somewhat functional

I was planning to say "CMO now functional again," but before I could finish watering yesterday afternoon the electricity went out for 8 hrs. After enduring that, it came back on but my internet was out for an additional six hours. So I came to town. Gonna try to make some bear-proof feeder stands while I'm here.

So disgusted with the constant power outages. We were told that when they put the new lines in a couple of years ago that would fix that. Hasn't helped a bit as far as I can tell.

Yesterday I put a big steel pipe over the steel T-post. So that's bear-proof at least.

And I made the temporary feeder stands taller, although they're still not impervious to being bent over. Maybe if they're out of reach the bears will leave them alone. I read that a medium-sized Black Bear can reach 7 feet, so they may not be out of reach.

At least this latest bear disaster happened right after banding so the hummers will have plenty of time to get used to the new arrangement before the next banding. Having the feeders higher makes it harder for me to get them out of the traps, but other than that it's not an issue.

When I can't find new species to photograph I do the same species. This one is a Variegated Fritillary looking fresh and new on Chaste Tree blooms.

And here's a fresh new Ash-throated Flycatcher. He wins the day for being the ugliest and cutest fledgling during a temperature of 105.°  

And finally, a Sachem Skipper. It's my first photo of one at the oasis.

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