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Monday, June 15, 2015

My Alpine world

Already anxious to get back to CMO, but getting work caught up here in town. Even washed my pickup. And, of course, surveyed the habitat here that I've managed to create.

Hubby helps with the watering and over-helps with the mowing. I've managed to keep him from mowing so far this spring but I know he won't hold off long. I keep trying though.

Still a disappointing showing of odonates and butterflies. I realized I didn't have a photo of an Inca Dove, so I remedied that.

My husband is adamant that he doesn't want additional ducklings. Doesn't look good for his side. Here's a duck that's been setting on a nest for at least two weeks now. Maybe the eggs won't hatch. She's the dark spot in the center of this photo, well hidden by the tall grasses.

And here's an abandoned nest, maybe the one those ducklings had hatched from a while back. It's a blurry shot because I had to get too close in order to even see the nest. The little Lumix camera didn't know what to focus on. But there are dozens of rotten eggs in the nest. You get the idea.

Just for kicks I went through my husband's old photos to find one of the ponds before I came along. This was the only one I could find. I took one a while ago from the same exact angle.

Notice the gate between the two railroad tie posts. Just on the left edge of the gate on both pics is the same mesquite tree. A pond is way back between those trees.

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