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Saturday, June 11, 2016

All rested and ready

I finally located this photo taken the last time I went up to the south saddle. It was Oct 30, 2013.

In white is the treacherous path I took that day, vowing to never do that again. I had followed the base of the wall around to the saddle after a near vertical climb. Really dangerous then, and with my knees now bad, no longer doable. Red X is the landing that I've decided to bypass, yellow is where the trail currently is, more or less. Turquoise is where I'm hoping to continue the trail if it is feasible after I check it out tomorrow. The photo is deceiving, making it all look flat, whereas, it's rugged terrain. We shall see.

In Alpine I photographed this Cyna Blue (Zizula cyna) with my camera's exposure compensation set correctly. Sure makes a difference. When it was off I messed up some great shots.

I think this next shot is of a Southern Spreadwing damselfly.

Here's the Desert Firetail after I got the exposure compensation adjusted, although I think this is a different pair (and different position).

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