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Sunday, June 19, 2016


I decided to go ahead and dry the apricots today and go to CMO in the morning. It'll be too late to go up the mountain unless I leave here at 5 AM, in which case I'd be too tired to last long up there. But Tues AM should be cool in the morning and I won't last longer than that anyway, so that's my plan. Determined to work some on the whole rest of the trail as much as I can so that if it gets used, a person can at least know where the trail is and stay on it. And also that I hopefully won't feel a need to go back up until I'm totally recovered.

Our peach tree here in town is old and we have to prop up the limbs. Those on the left side didn't seem to be too heavy so I didn't prop them. And the one totally snapped off. The peaches aren't salvageable but maybe with fewer peaches on the tree the remaining ones will grow bigger. Or not. We still have lots of dried fruit left from last year so I'm feeling no compulsion to dry a ton more. And the new peach tree is big and loaded.

Here's a better shot of the apple tree. We've been picking and giving away the apples on the lower branches to keep deer from eating them. These are Ein Sheimer apples and they make the best cobbler.

My sister got nearly a quarter inch of rain this evening so hoping when I get down there in the morning I won't have to water. Just rest and enjoy. That's the plan. I'm sure no one will be surprised if it changes.

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