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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Primed for the climb

Gonna go up to the saddle tomorrow. Decided since it's going to get over 100° that I'd hit the trail around 6 AM with a flashlight until it gets light enough. That should give me an extra 30 minutes of cool. Every little bit helps.

Came to CMO this morning and watered. It's also a chance for me to look for odes and butterflies. Here's a Coyote Cloudywing.

And this next one I believe is just a Common Checkered-Skipper, although at first I thought it was a Desert Checkered-Skipper.

So in the morning my plan is to go up to the Mexican Blue Oak near the saddle and take a close photo of it, then start working on the Aoudad trail back toward the upper landing area where I left off. It would be great to get the whole thing roughed in, but that is really a lot to hope for. At least when it starts getting hot I'll be working in a downhill direction (if I stick to my plan). That should help too.


  1. You do have a Desert Checkered-skipper. Shirley

    1. Wow, I didn't know. Thanks for the correction!