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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another hectic day

I had my day all planned out (silly me) with no time left over, but to where I'd get a lot done. Well, while I was loading the dryers with apricots (the last of them, thank goodness) my husband was going to make a big batch of zucchini bread. I don't eat it because of the sugar, but he freezes it for his desserts later. Food is his hobby. He instructed me to not say a word while he was mixing ingredients so he could concentrate. I didn't say a word. Nevertheless, he put corn starch in the mix instead of baking soda. As soon as he realized his mistake, he tried to get the starch out, and added the soda (or so he says). Then he put all 8 loaves in the oven. I went and got him (he was outside watering the garden) when I smelled something burning. It was a bad deal. Totally messed up the oven, which I keep cleaned like new. I had to throw the batter out too... AND scour all 8 pans.

So I didn't get my list done today. On top of the oven fiasco, hubby couldn't get the tail gate open on his new pickup. I tried and I couldn't get it open either. So he had me take over watering the garden for him while he drove to the dealer in Ft. Stockton to get it adjusted. But there's always tomorrow. I keep plugging along because I'm afraid if I get behind, I'll never be able to catch up.

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