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Friday, June 10, 2016

Reining myself in

I decided until the trail is done I'm going to do two days there and two days in town to keep myself from overdoing. If I hadn't come to town last night I'd have been up working on the trail at daylight  this morning. I definitely should not do more than two consecutive days of that now that it's so far up to where the work left off.

My plan is to go all the way to the saddle next time I'm there, and flag the best way back to my trail. And spend some time there looking for nests. No work until the following day. That's my plan.

In Alpine, I figured out why my photos were all coming up blue. The AWB (Auto White Balance) was set wrong. Grrr!  Here are a couple of photos of Desert Firetails doing their thing. This was before I adjusted the WB so I did my best to correct it on photoshop.

And a different kind of fire, these Red Hot Pokers (tritoma). 

The green beans in the garden are loaded with little beans.

And the apple tree is dripping with apples again this year. I made a yummy apple cobbler today from some I'd picked up off the ground. Too green yet for much else, but can't bear to waste them.

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  1. I'm laughing. I'm younger than you, not by much, but am amazed at your endurance. Two on and two off, more power to you. So I continue to be amazed and impressed.