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Thursday, June 16, 2016

How's this for a landing?

I went to bed too early last night, didn't eat much, woke up by 3 AM, hungry and unable to sleep. Got up, cooked the chili I had been planning to make today, ate two bowls of it, finally dozed off. So by 7 AM I was feeling puny. Real puny. But the trail must go on, so I made it to the landing. Set up my red stool and before I could sit down a female Lucifer Hummingbird came to check it out. I finally figured out how to set my camera on the timer and managed this "proof of landing" shot.

From there I trudged onward up the ridge. Shoddy trail work, but way better than no trail. Maybe later I'll rework some sections, or not. Only lasted two hours today. It was so humid. I do hope to make the upper landing tomorrow, although the trail will bypass it.

Here's my first Eastern Pondhawk for the year.


  1. Great photo of you. Be careful with those puny feelings. You are not invincible. Enjoying your blog. Sent word to Yu-Ye (Cin-Ty's wife) regarding cost and production of the shirts. How many do you want initially? Will contact you as soon as I hear from Yu-Ye.

  2. I tried to message you on facebook but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I think for starters how about 10 extra large. And do they come in beige or something?