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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Conenose Beetle aka Kissing Bug

Back at CMO. Got light rain off and on late this afternoon, but no runoff. Found a second dead Conenose Beetle (triatoma protracta). As far as I know I haven't gotten bitten this year. Not sure I would know it if I did, though.

Yesterday my new lens arrived so I practiced with it today. I think my pictures are improved but I probably need to learn more about using it.

Every month I start a monthly butterfly list, so today I began working on a June list. Here's a Common Streaky-Hairstreak taken with the new lens. It's a 100-400mm just like the old one but has some improved features. What I like most is that it focuses at 3.2' instead of 5.9.'

Lots of stuff blooming. Here's a Tasajillo (Christmas Cactus).

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