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Sunday, June 26, 2016

One thing and another

Had planned to go up the mountain this morning but couldn't get out from under drying apricots in time. So tomorrow it is. The plan is to try to find a better route from the upper landing to the corner. Probably not possible, but I'm not happy with the one I roughed in. If I can't find a better one, then I'll do a lot of work on the present one at some point. Also going to retrieve my flashlight and work on the trail from the corner to the Aoudad trail. It seems to be a pretty easy gradual slope. I'll just need to cut into the slope so it'll be level to walk on. (This sketch shows it steeper than the slope actually is.)

Saw this blue-eyed lacewing. Have no idea what species it is, and didn't get a decent photo of it either. Once again, my camera's white balance was on the wrong setting. I have to quit doing that. I just thought lacewings had wings as long as their abdomens but this one wasn't that way.


  1. Your new friend is an antlion! Adult antlions look a lot like lacewings (much longer abdomen though), and I don't think lacewings have the nubby little antennae.