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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Saddle trail on my mind

The red is approximately where I think the trail is currently and the aqua is approximately where I think it is going (revised since actually scouting the route). From where the aqua line ends it goes around behind that rock outcrop (that's above the upper landing) and out of sight in this photo. It can't go straight to the saddle because of the arroyo. So it'll circle around the arroyo. But it'll be following the Aoudad trail and easy to rework. And shouldn't require hardly any steps. That's the plan anyway. I think the saddle is nearly one block wide. The left side of it is hidden behind that rock outcrop. I have posted photos of it before though (most recently on June 12).  Daylight tomorrow.........

Got to CMO mid-afternoon (104°). Serviced the hummingbird feeders and looked for odes and butterflies but didn't see anything interesting. Need rain bad.

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