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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Alpine today

You'd think when someone goes out looking for odonates and butterflies they'd be expecting to find interesting ones, but it seems I'm always taken by surprise. Today I was sitting in the shade by the pond looking for interesting dragonflies when a butterfly lit on a tree trunk near me. Of course, I forgot about dragonflies for the moment and fixated on the butterfly. I'm flexible like that. Turns out it's a lifer for me.... Tawny Emperor. Not too shabby.

Quite a few lotuses are beginning to bloom. I'll take photos when it looks more gorgeous. Meanwhile, this bud's for you.

Today I saw my first Western Pondhawk for this year. I've seen several Easterns, but I guess it makes no difference since the powers that be have lumped them both together as Common Pondhawk. This is a female.

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