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Sunday, July 10, 2016

What I'm doing

Had to come to CMO today and do a token watering. A neighbor on Terlingua Ranch posted this to a local Facebook group. Describes me perfectly.

No rain in over 3 months. Record hot June. Now my precious soapberry thicket is turning yellow. I hope that doesn't mean it's dying.

Why do you think I'm painting my faded hummingbird feeders?

1. Is it because the Lucifer Hummingbirds don't like to use faded feeders?
2. Is it because I like to keep all my stuff new looking?
3. Is it because Kelly remarked on how faded they were getting last time he banded here?

Answer is at end of post..

I have 3 dozen feeders. Right now only one dozen are in use but in a month or two the number may double as migration gets into full swing. Above is how I store those not in use.

Cornell's West Texas hummer cam is up and running. Live! Check it out.

Only thing I could find to photograph today was this robber fly.


Answer:  Last year I painted a bunch of the feeders and they still look like new. I love them to look like new. And last time Kelly banded he did remark that some of the feeders were looking faded. So that might have influenced me to paint them sooner rather than later. But it was on my mind to do anyway. The Lucifers don't care.

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