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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Expectations exceeded

My son here in Alpine owns the Triangle Market on the west side of town and he needed a sign. My son from Austin has a sign business. So he made a quick weekend trip to install a sign. They had been planning for this a long time.

My plan was to hang around, take pictures, and make myself helpful. But then I checked my Facebook butterfly group and read that Maryann Eastman had seen two Crimson Patches in Marathon recently. I couldn't stand it so I made an excuse to slip away for a little while. Walking through the gate at Gage Gardens I immediately saw two Crimson Patches. Everywhere I looked I saw some. It was great, but I didn't have enough time to get good photos like I would have liked. They were constantly flying and when they landed, they would close their wings. If I would have had more time, I could have waited them out. But I'm thrilled to get this bonus lifer on a day I expected nothing.

I was surprised to see how much larger they are than Bordered Patches. Really gorgeous!

Tomorrow the sign will get finished and I'll post the after picture. This top photo was early this morning. After Lee worked all day in the bucket (welding and such), Eric got into the bucket to help him finish up wiring the LED lighting before dark.

And that juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, first seen July 11th, was still at our ponds this morning.

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