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Monday, July 4, 2016

Really hot out!

As I was watering the oasis this morning, with my dwindling water supply, I noticed how lovely the Mexican Pinyon trees look. Originally, my thought was to plant a mini pinyon forest after manicuring the dirt excavated making the tanks. So I started with the pinyons and added a fast-growing shade tree (cottonwood) that I expected to be temporary until the pinyons got big. And I added a lot of other stuff too. Couldn't quit adding, in fact. The pinyons are really coming into their own now. If I get some rain every year I should be able to enjoy them from now on.

I saw my first Great Spreadwing for the year at CMO this morning.

I did the math yesterday and figure I did over 200 stair steps up the ladders. That's as bad as the trail. No wonder I feel tired today. After watering everything I came to town to pick the garden and such. Sat out watching the dragonflies. Not very many out.

With no odes to watch, I watched this fish trying to catch gambusias. Never saw him get one. Just wondering what kind of fish it is. I'd say it's about 6-8 inches long.


  1. When the Pinyon Jays appear this winter at CMO you will be very happy to have those trees. : ) The fish looks like a member of the Sunfish family (Centrarchidae) probable Bluegill, but there are many member of that family. How did it get there?

  2. Pinyon Jay would be a new species for the oasis. Hope some visit. The fish may be a carp of some kind. Maybe from the goldfish we had. No idea how it got there.