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Monday, July 25, 2016

I owe lots of apologies

I just discovered my blog has a spam folder and there were lots of legitimate comments mixed in with the spam ones. Lots of questions I would have been happy to answer if I had received them. So to all of you that waited in vain for my response, my apologies.

Son's store sign is done. Took all day though. Here's when the first side was finished and he's starting on the other side.

I think it was clever to incorporate "twin peaks" into the triangle logo, since Alpine is known for having "twin peaks." Of course I'm his mother and I'm supposed to think he's clever.

Saw a butterfly today that I was hoping was something other than a Variegated Fritillary but after I took pictures of it and checked the field guide, it was a Variegated. Still a very lovely specimen.

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