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Monday, July 18, 2016

Bribing myself

Tomorrow I have a "free day" so I was trying to decide whether to work on cleaning out the tank or go oding at Lajitas. I want to do both, but question my physical ability to. So I compromised. If I cleaned two loads from the tank today I could do Lajitas tomorrow. I did one after watering and servicing the feeders this morning, then took a long nap. When the temperature cooled to 98° I did the second load.

I dump the dirt in ruts on the road, which I'll do this second load on my way to Lajitas tomorrow. When I told my husband I hoped to do Lajitas tomorrow he said I shouldn't because I'd just run myself down too much. Are you kidding me! He works me 12 hours a day in town at least 4 days a week, knowing it's putting me behind on my work at the oasis (which he wants me to abandon so I can spend all week in town) and never says take it easy. Just don't forget to do this, or that. So I hear from that, that it's OK to wear myself out working, but not to wear myself out playing. That won't work for me. LOL  I should add, though, that I intend to arrive at Lajitas an hour earlier than I did last time and leave after 2 hrs there. (Last time I stayed there 2½ hrs.) So that should help me a lot.

I would also like to check out Cottonwood Campground in the park to see if the Clay-colored Thrush is still there, but will have to see how I feel after Lajitas. Then Wednesday Kelly will be banding here. Afterwards, I have to hurry to town. The list of things I have to do there is mounting.

Saw a Large Orange Sulphur today at the oasis. I get that species occasionally. See how big it looks beside that acanthus bloom?

Here's a young male Red Saddlebags. Had me going for a while thinking it might be a different species. I'm still hoping to see an Antillean Saddlebags. They occur in the Big Bend but I'm not sure I'd recognize one if I saw one.

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