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Friday, July 15, 2016

Resting as best I can

Came to town last night. Had so much fun chasing odes at Lajitas the other day and hadn't recovered before I went chasing the thrush. As a result, I got run down and have a terrible case of cold sores, on my lips, and inside my mouth (besides my usual aches and pains). Just eating mush right now. But started taking zinc. I think I have a tendency to be deficient in zinc. Meanwhile, I only did housework, errands, picked and dried some peaches, etc. Made a quick trip out back to the habitat here. Saw this pair of Common Pondhawks.

And a Springwater Dancer. I think I like that species because they're not Familiar Bluets, even though they resemble them at first glance. The latter are the most common damselfly species here.

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