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Friday, July 29, 2016

We did the trails loop

I got them up early, before sunrise, and we hit the trail at first light. Made it to the upper landing as the sun came up.

You can see the cell phone in the hip pocket of the one in the back.  No chance of a signal, of course. I'm not sure they enjoyed it much but someday it'll be a fun memory.

From the saddle we made our way across the mesa top to the pouroff. Saddle in background of this next shot.

Really treacherous going down the first part of the pouroff  without any trail there. In a couple of places all I could manage was to sit and slide down. They had to wait until I got down so when they came down they wouldn't send rocks down on me. One good size rock actually did hit me in my back as I was sliding down but no damage done. That section really was painful for my sciatica. But we all made it down with no injuries. We managed to be in shade most of the time. By the time the top was sunny we were around to the west side where the sun hadn't gotten to yet. The ravine below the pouroff is behind us in the next photo.

Then we passed the Mexican Blue Oaks and were down in no time at all, it seemed. Each trail took about 30 minutes, but the space in between took an hour or more.

Later this afternoon we got a small shower. Just one-tenth inch but it cooled things off nicely. Better than 100+ temperature and no shower. Maybe tomorrow will be the day the tanks fill. 

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