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Thursday, July 28, 2016

OK, I'm over it!

Finally made it down to Cottonwood Campground in BBNP. No flooded areas from irrigation like the last time, BUT just before I was leaving they started the pumps. So I hung around another hour. Didn't see the Clay-colored Thrush. I don't think it was there, but not certain. I'm over it. Especially since Kelly has a Mexican Violetear (hummingbird) at his place. I badly want to photograph one. But that will have to wait a few days. My son from Austin came back and is coming to the oasis with his 3 daughters to climb the mountain on the new trails for the first time. He has the kids for their summer visitation with dad. I'm planning to go up with them.

Here is the only species I photographed today, a Red Saddlebags. Bleak. Need rain.

Getting everyone up and to the trail at daylight will be a major undertaking but the only sensible way to do the hike in this heat. I'll post pics tomorrow.

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