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Friday, July 8, 2016

Serendipitous lifer

The other day a friend posted a butterfly photo on a facebook group that would have been a lifer for me. She saw it at Gage Gardens in Marathon. I hadn't been there all year, so resolved to go check it out first chance I got, which was today. After I left the gardens, I went to the Post Park since it's sometimes good, and is close to Marathon. Approaching the entrance I saw someone photographing something near the entrance, and lo and behold, it was that friend. She was the reason I had gone to Marathon in the first place. And had she not been stopped there I never would have even glanced around there for butterflies. She was photographing a Viceroy, a lifer for me, as well as for her and her husband.

Nothing else I found all day was a lifer, but great butterflies, nonetheless. Here is my second ever Meridian Duskywing.

And a lovely Question Mark.

This resident duck has a tuft of feathers apparently growing from his head. Doesn't seem to deter his popularity. A couple of females were hanging around.

And this is a very common butterfly, a Queen, on a Buttonbush. I just love how his spots coordinated with the bloom.

I'll end with some of the incredible blooms at Gage Gardens. There are flowers everywhere. It's awesome!






Bird of Paradise

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