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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Electrician visited oasis today

The bottom line is I'm going to pay him $2000 to put in new breaker boxes all the way. Gotta have decent electricity if I'm going to have an oasis. He said 240 power is going through the control box, so the problem has to be in the wiring to the pump. So that's getting new wiring too. He said he'll do the work Monday.

On a more pleasant subject, saw my first Eastern Amberwing for the year at the oasis. Hoping Mexican Amberwings will show up soon.

And saw this Saltbush Sootywing...

Heading back to town I stopped at the thistle patch across from Elephant Mountain (less than a mile south of the picnic area there). Couldn't relocate the Desert Cloudywing, just this common Checkered-Skipper, but it was hot and I wasn't feeling too good. I think I got overheated yesterday without realizing it. I don't know how it happened either, but I wasn't very well last night. Still have a headache.

I thought I was taking it extremely easy yesterday. Only spent an hour outdoors in the morning and didn't go back out again until evening. Don't see how it happened, but it did.

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