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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An accidental lifer

For those not interested (hopefully most of you), I'll be brief.  I ended up with 10 kitchen towels and 4 potholders from 3 yards of linen at a total cost of $24. (Hubby made the cabinets about 4 years ago.) OK, I'm over that.

A friend has a Lumix camera and takes wonderful photos, better than my Canon, and for the life of me I can't take good ones with mine. I guess I need to get someone to do the settings for me. While I was outside practicing on anything the landed near me, I photographed a lifer. Didn't know it until I downloaded the photos later, and unfortunately only had this one blurry shot of a Plains Forktail. You can tell it from a Black-fronted Forktail by the blue dots on the black shoulder stripe. Which of course, I didn't notice until I got the pics on the computer. Tomorrow after the dryers are loaded I'm going to try for a better Canon shot.

I would have done it today but it started raining right after my walkabout and is still raining. When, and if, it stops, it'll be too dreary and late in the day. This is in Alpine, of course. At CMO it's hot and sunny.

The other day I noticed a White Ball Acacia (Acacia angustissima) coming up. I put rocks around it and instructed hubby not to mow there. Today it's blooming. Lovely thorn-less acacia. Gonna try to get some runners from it going at the oasis.


  1. Actually, I am glad you posted the picture of your kitchen towels...inquiring minds...Years ago I worked at a garden seed company and some of our bulk seed arrived in soft cotton sacks. That material made the nicest kitchen towels and, surprisingly, pillow cases. The ladies took turns taking some home! Also, it is so fun to capture something you didn't know you had until you view it on the computer. I understand wishing for better photos sometimes, but the ability to view and enlarge on the computer continues the excitement after the fun in the field or yard or park!
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Carla. I was so enthused about them that I had to mention it on my blog. Then I figured if I'm going to talk about them I should at least post a photo. The only dresses I had as a child were made from feed sacks by my mom and she was a horrible seamstress. That's why I taught myself to sew. I wanted better than what she could do. Nowadays people have no interest in fabric. In my day women got all excited about it. Talked endlessly about what they could make and what it would match, etc. When I see the home-made Tarahumara dresses and shirts I always think of that. Linen towels are the most absorbent you can get. It's the easiest fabric to work with too. So much more satisfying than going to a mall and shopping for towels and ending up with not the right size or color at way more than you intended to spend.

  3. A. angustissima is the host for Mexican Yellow.

  4. Carolyn, There is an interesting article about Odes that you might enjoy reading. Its on the Travis Audubon website in the Smoke Signal newsletter.
    Robert Mace

  5. Thanks, Robert. That's a great newsletter. I didn't even know it existed. So much wonderful stuff out there, it's overwhelming.