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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Closer to catching up

Things are slowing down a little bit. Got the peaches done. Gotta work on the apples tomorrow. This afternoon I sewed new kitchen towels. Tomorrow I plan to make matching pot holders with the leftover material. I was just so tired of the old mishmash of towels that weren't the right size, stained, worn out, and various yucky colors, that I ordered some linen material and went at it. Just love them!

The other day in Andrews at that little wetland (don't know if it has a name)* I got a lifer Citrine Forktail but didn't get my photos processed until last night, so didn't know I had it.

The above is the only photo I got of it before it disappeared. Wish I had better ones. I'm sure if I would have looked harder I could have relocated it. Don't know how that got by me. Distracted by spreadwings that turned out to be the same species as I have at CMO.

Also, at the same place, I photographed some ducks. Mallards, I guess. It seemed like the mother duck was teaching the four youngsters how to forage (dabble) and they got the hang of it instantly.

Pay attention children!

Like this!
Good job!

I'm sure in reality, the ducklings have been foraging since they were two days old and they're way older than that.

*In 2005, the City received a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department allowing construction of a bird viewing area and separate Wetland park which includes a walking track and playground equipment, located on the northeast side of town of NE Mustang Dr just south of NE Ave K.

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