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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The challenge of damselflies

I've been trying to ID the damselflies here in Alpine with very little progress. Even posted them on an odonate group and no one has responded yet. Damselflies are really frustrating but I need to learn them so they won't be so frustrating.

I did get a better photo of yesterday's lifer Plains Forktail, so all was not lost, although a better photo would have been better.

These next damselflies still haven't been ID'd. If I get them ID'd I'll update this post.

Arroyo Bluet per Kelly Bryan
Mexican Forktail per Kelly Bryan
Plains or Black-fronted Forktail per Kelly Bryan
Black-fronted Forktail per Kelly Bryan

The above two are the same species, whatever that is. 

Birds are much easier for me. This is a Vermilion Flycatcher that's camping out at the ponds for now.

UPDATE: Kelly Bryan ID'd the odes. I'll label them so it won't be confusing. Thanks, Kelly. (I'm pretty sure the one Kelly ID'd as Plains or Black-fronted is actually a Black-fronted, based on other shots I have of it.)

I got confused and forgot to post these Aztec Dancers.

Whew, every summer I get this stuff sorted out, and then forget by the next summer. I'm hoping it'll eventually "take" and I won't have to start all over again every year.

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