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Friday, July 17, 2015

Not a fun day

Coming from Alpine to CMO this AM was almost like culture-shock. I had a flat tire upon arrival, allergy attack, and the mosquitoes are terrible. I had to spend the whole day watering in the mosquitoes. An allergy pill fixed my allergy,* and thanks to Kelly suggesting I buy a can of fix-a-flat, I got my tire leak stopped without trying to change it. My knee is still very painful and squatting down is not an option. OMG. The stucco tank is leaking worse so I've no choice but to pump out the water, patch it, and put the water back in. I have to go to town tomorrow. I'll need 3 consecutive days to do the tank, so I plan to start after banding Tuesday. In a way, it's probably good that I do that. Otherwise, I'd be miserable watching it leak out in a few months. The best way to find the leaks is to remove the water quickly. Then water will seep back in where it's leaking. Just a horrible chore to do and loses a lot of water in the process.

No interesting birds or butterflies. Lots of odes and I finally saw my first for the year at CMO amberwings. I've had them in Alpine so didn't understand why not here. I only saw males, but there are probably females around.

Photographed a Band-winged Dragonlet...

Eastern Pondhawk...

And Powdered Dancer. None of today's photos were worth carrying the heavy Canon around while watering all day.

In the morning I'm going to try to rig up some pumps for the project. My pumps are all plumbed for putting water in, not taking it out. Last time I had to do it my son helped with the set-up but he's not available.

Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. Going to bed early tonight.

* Not sure why the allergy. Either the fix-a-flat or all the beebrush blooming. The aroma is overwhelming. Never has bothered me before but I've been eating too much fruit. Too much fruit or sugar seems to exacerbates my allergies.

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