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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rain keeps missing CMO

Getting exasperating to have it rain all around and miss me. CMO got a couple of light showers. Less than one-tenth of an inch.

Around 5 AM I was loading my pickup, getting ready for banding and then coming to Alpine when I saw a bat on the door. Couldn't get decent pics of it, but maybe someone can tell what kind it is from this one. After it flew away it occurred to me that I should have turned on the patio light. Oh, well.

Just plugging along hoping nothing gets worse, at least. Took a few short walkabouts from the dryer when my back got to hurting real bad. Saw these mating Cabbage Whites on the Mexican Elder tree.

Just because there was nothing more interesting to photograph, and an Eastern Amberwings was so cooperative, I took photos of it again. I really like that species. They're bigger than a damselfly and smaller than dragonflies, plus that lovely amber color. I keep looking for a female to come around but haven't found one yet. I know there are at least two males here at our ponds in Alpine. He's perched on the turned up edge of a lotus leaf.

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  1. Sorry, but we're getting cooling thundershowers every other evening in El Paso...and the refreshing, cool breezes after are amazing. Hope those make it to you...