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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gonna cry "Uncle"!

Got all the apricots we could stand to pick. Loading the dryers all day every day kills my shoulder, back, thumb, besides I have to go to CMO tomorrow and service my feeders and maybe water. Not sure. My sister one mile to the north of CMO got a tiny shower, barely measurable, and friends three miles to the south got a sprinkle, but both told me it looked heaviest at CMO. Once in a great while I get a big rain when it misses everyone else, so I'm hoping I lucked out.

Peaches are ready and must be processed this week, in spite of my hectic schedule. The day after tomorrow (Tuesday) is hummingbird banding day. Then I have to rush to town and pick and process peaches. Wednesday Dr appointment (nothing serious), then Saturday early we leave for Hugh's grandson's wedding in Seminole, TX, so I have to juggle the drying in between everything else. Even have to get up and tend the dryers during the night 3 or 4 times. Don't know how long I can procrastinate on the apples. I'll carry fruit and dryers with me to CMO tomorrow but don't know if I'll get time to dry anything there. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Once I get past this week I think things will settle down to something more resembling normal.

I notice the peaches are growing in clusters somewhat like the apricots were. The peaches in the first photo don't look very healthy because they're on the main limb that broke off from the weight.

When I did take a short break it was stormy looking, though no storm ensued. But nothing interesting to photograph. Here's a Common Sootywing. One of these days I'll find something exciting, you just see if I don't!

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