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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Davis Mountains Preserve day

And what a day! Wow, overwhelming. I can't thank Kelly enough for arranging to take me there. It was threatening rain or we might have even tallied more species, but I would have been even more overwhelmed than I was. He and his helpers at the preserve banded while I entertained myself looking for odes and stuff. They banded at least four Calliope's among the nearly 70 hummers banded, so migration is underway.

Then we headed way back into the preserve to Richmond Crossing.

Immediately there were hundreds of Painted Damsels. Lifer number one for the day. I took 385 photos today, mostly of that species in all their various "plumages."

Before I recovered from that experience Kelly spotted an Amethyst Dancer, lifer number 2.

That dancer wouldn't leave that rock where he blended in so well I wouldn't have seen him if Kelly hadn't pointed him out.

And if that wasn't joy enough, I got 3 lifer butterflies. Here they are.

Mead's Wood-Nymph
Russet Skipperling
Slaty Roadside-Skipper
 That last one I shot out the car window when we were driving out. Kelly stopped at a place where water was crossing the road to scan for odes when I spotted it. Got off one frame before it disappeared so was relieved the only shot I had wasn't a blur, like usually happens when I don't take a bunch.

To be continued tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a juvenile Western Bluebird perched on a bench near the hummingbird feeders.

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