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Monday, July 27, 2015

Got my Lajitas fix

Didn't take long in this heat. I got there shortly after 8 AM and left around 10:30 AM, but not before I snapped nearly 300 pics. Nothing new to me I don't think. Still working on IDs. But it was great getting familiar again with the species there, which are different than what I'm used to at CMO.

Here's a selfie (I really do need a selfie stick) to show you how tall the tumbleweeds are along the water at Lajitas. And of course all the salt cedar was blooming, which I'm allergic to. And of course I didn't think to take an allergy pill along. I'm dutifully wearing my UV glasses like the eye doctor ordered. I sure lose a lot of odes with my lack of peripheral vision though.

Those tumbleweeds came up to my shoulders as I slogged through them. Saw a Buckeye that by some experts is called the "dark form" Tropical Buckeye, although my personal expert, Brian, doesn't recognize that distinction.

Photographed some cool dragonflies. Here's a sampling.

Male Eastern Ringtail
Checkered Setwing
Four-spotted Pennant

Usually I'm lucky to see one or two Four-spotted Pennants at Lajitas, but today there were hundreds of them. I think Kelly once told me this flower is a bluebell. There's a lovely patch of that at Lajitas.

And here's a common one at Lajitas but I forgot what it was and had to ask Kelly. It's a Red-tailed Pennant.


  1. Have you given up on birding? We never see references to them anymore from you. Only your dragonflies. :-)

  2. A good question, Bob. Glad you asked. I look for birds wherever I go and photograph any interesting ones I see. Just this time of year there aren't any. I used to hate that about summers until I got into butterflies and odonates. Soon fall migration will be here and I should have some interesting birds. Right now it's doves, cowbirds, etc. I did see a Painted Bunting a couple of times but didn't get a photo of it. I guess, like other camera junkies, I'm always looking for something different to photograph.