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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hard at it

Dark clouds, but no rain yet. I had been hopeful hearing about the possibility of rain at CMO on the 4th, but when I got here I only had one-tenth of an inch in the rain gauge.

So I watered (sparsely) today. Also picked the remaining peaches but only brought two dryers with me. Didn't even have room to dry all the apricots I brought along. Getting run ragged here. Tomorrow's banding and going to town will arrive in no time.

About the best wildlife I enjoyed seeing today was a pair of Neon Skimmers. They mated, laid eggs, mated, laid eggs, over and over. All my egg-laying pics were a blur, but I got the mating.

My daughter that got married in Big Bend National Park on May 3rd, 2014 (see blog post for that day) is vacationing with her husband in Colorado at a silver mining town called Creede. She took this photo of a dog attacking a baby moose, but hastened to assure me they rescued the moose.

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