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Friday, July 24, 2015

Making plans

Life is what happens while you're making plans. Nevertheless, I'm planning on CMO on Sunday when I'll water and service the hummingbird feeders. And of course I'll inventory what birds, butterflies, and dragonflies are there as best I'm able. Then Monday I want to go to Lajitas to see what odes are there. Then Tuesday I'll be trapping hummer for Kelly. Plans....

Getting work caught up in town. As much as possible. Assessed the butterflies and odonates here too. Saw a nice Western Pygmy-Blue butterfly...

A gorgeous moth that my friend, Heidi Trudell, identified as a Clouded Crimson (Schinia guarae).

I usually don't even photograph moths, but that one was so pretty. I wish I had tried for a better photo.  

Last is a photo of mating bees of some species. I had never seen bees mating before. Actually, never even thought about bees mating before. 

UPDATE: These "bees" have been identified as robber flies that mimic bees (Laphria macquarti). I think it should be one word, like dragonflies, butterflies, robberflies.

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