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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Progress, or lack of, update

In the light of day the tank leaks looked worse. After the two banding sessions I took out all the water near the leak(s) until the floor was exposed. I patched it as best I could just in case it rains tonight and fills the tank. Water is still seeping through the back of the wall and the hydraulic patch I bought didn't stop it. So by tomorrow the seepage should be stopped and I can patch and coat it. Not sure how long I have to wait to put water back in. Need to check on that.

I was too tired last night to post all the photos I wanted to. Here's a cute bee foraging on kidneywood. I feel like I'm seeing a better variety of native pollinators this year.

Today after banding Kelly came back to CMO to look for yesterday's Red-faced Dragonlet. While he was distracted elsewhere I saw and photographed this saddlebags. At the time, seeing it only on my camera monitor, Kelly thought maybe it was a worn Red-Saddlebags, so when it didn't show up after a few minutes of searching, we eagerly headed to the pond where the dragonlet had last been seen. No luck relocating it so Kelly headed home. A while ago I posted the saddlebags photo to the facebook ode group and they said it's either an Antillean or Striped Saddlebags. Either would be a lifer for me. Tomorrow I hope to relocate it and get a photo of the thorax, which would be diagnostic.

A couple of common dashers and then I'm dashing off to bed. More accurately, dragging my exhausted body off to bed.

Thornbush Dasher
Blue Dasher

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