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Monday, July 13, 2015

Pecos River lifer ode

Yesterday coming home from a wedding near Seminole I persuaded my husband to make a quick stop at the Pecos River to let me look for a Seaside Dragonlet that I learned hang out along the Pecos. He allotted me a few quick minutes. Upon arrival I saw a potential but it didn't land. After a few minutes I gave up and was heading to the car when a potential landed near me on the ground. I photographed it and posted the photo online to the Western Odonata group. Today they confirmed it is indeed a Seaside Dragonlet. Wish I had had time for a better photo, but this is it. Can't wait to go back there with more time.

This is a female. I want a photo of a male now.

Today at CMO I pumped a bunch of water into the stucco tank. It had gone down an inch overnight and the dirt tank had gone down 2" so I figured might as well. Doesn't feel good to transfer it to a leaking tank, but if it'll last longer there I have to do it.

While the water was pumping I looked for odes and butterflies. Didn't find anything really interesting. Here's a pair of mating Red Saddlebags.

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