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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hugh to the rescue

My husband wouldn't dream of leaving me to face bears alone. He went out and bought me a can of bear spray. It's a fogger, so a one shot deal. I'm going to spray it if a bear hangs around my hummingbird feeders and hope he'll leave and stay away.

I have to go check my feeders tomorrow and water, then rush back to town to work on fruit some more.

Waiting on the dryers I went out back to look for butterflies. Nothing interesting, just the same ones. I've posted so many photos of Vesta Crescents, but here's a lovely fresh female.

And a singing Western Kingbird. About it. Pretty boring.


  1. Good call on the bear spray. You may also consider contacting Texas Parks and Wildlife about relocating the bear. It seems to have made your oasis part of his territory and has shown signs of aggressive territorial behavior towards you. Relocation may be a good option for the safety of both you and the bear. TP&W will put a collar on it that will provide valuable data on bear behavior in Texas.

    Darrell Cochran

  2. If the spray doesn't make it stay away, I'll do that. Thanks for the info. I didn't even know that was an option. Meanwhile I have to make sure my hummingbird feeders are out of reach.