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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another slow day

Tomorrow I'm determined to head south to start working on the stucco tank project. It's do or die. I'm really stressing until it's done.

Every afternoon it clouds up and gets rainy in Alpine so not much to photograph. Managed a flight shot of a Variegated Meadowhawk dragonfly and a Cyna Blue butterfly this morning while it was still hot and sunny. That's it.

I usually don't even try for flight shots because my camera is too slow to focus, but this ode wouldn't land so I chanced it. Photos are the only way I can identify some of them. 


  1. Can you tell me the name of the plant that the butterfly is feeding on? Very unusual bloom!

  2. Good question, Marlin. I hadn't even thought about it until I read your comment. I posted the photo on a plant group. Will let you know what they say. When I was taking the photo I was totally focused on the butterfly and just assumed it was a spent bloom. But now I see that it's not. I'm just as curious as you are to know what it is.

  3. Someone in the group said it's a spent bloom of a Chocolate Daisy (Berlandiera lyrata). Good to know.

  4. Thanks,,,very interesting bloom.